Jonas Yunus Atlas is a Belgian scholar who writes and lectures on religion, mysticism and societal change. This website (which is maintained by Yunus Publishing) provides an overview of his texts, essays and books.

Though rooted within the Christian tradition, J.Y. Atlas immersed himself into various other traditions from Buddhism to Islam. After his studies in philosophy, anthropology and theology at different universities he thus became active in different forms of local and international peace work.

Jonas Yunus Atlas is in fact a pseudonym for Jonas Slaats. He mainly uses this pseudonym to differentiate his English writings from his texts and books in Dutch. The latter be found at www.jonasslaats.net.

A few years ago, Jonas initiated the 'Halal Monk' project. The goal of this project was to revive the tradition of encounters and debates between monks, preachers and artists of different faiths. As a 'halal Monk' he did so through conversations with influential spiritual leaders, academics and artists of the islamic world as well as through personal reflections on a series of Qur'an verses. These conversations on culture, society and religion with people like Imam Feisal, Kudsi Erguner, Amina Wadud, Aki Nawaz, Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad, Abida Parveen and many others can be found on www.halalmonk.com.

J.Y. Atlas currently works as at Kif Kif a Belgian movement which fights discrimination, struggles for equality and strengthens the quest for societal justice.