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The Yin & Yang of Good & Evil

yin yang symbol

The concept of Yin & Yang is as beautiful as it is straightforward. By now, the symbol is known all across the globe and the depth of its meaning has inspired many truth-seekers. Yet some of its aspects remain quite misunderstood. One of the biggest misconceptions is, for example, the idea that Yin & Yang would also apply to good & evil.

Unbelief in altruism

Often I hear people say they hold the opinion that eventually everybody does everything out of egoism. Even when you help someone else, you only do it because it makes you happy or because you'd feel awful if you didn't help, so they say. Yet, after years of hearing the same argument, I still cannot grasp why it is supported by such an amount of people.

Of course purely altruistic actions are not always easily found. Even grand projects that were supposedly set up to help the poor and the needy, often turn out to be more of a search for self-aggrandisement instead of true self-giving. For underneath the will to help a lot of people carry a deep need for attention, approval and status.


A friend of mine started a blog about the question whether a zero-growth economy could be a possiblity in our contemporary economic system. He wants to research whether the presupposed law that companies and countries HAVE to grow really is such a necessity to make them 'economically healthy'.

I am of course no economist but a theologian. Yet theologians don't live on an abandoned island or in a mythical Shangri-la. Just like anybody else they live in the society. Admittedly their expertise is not economics, but from their own expertise they can perhaps bring a new dimension into certain societal debates. Simply put: one should of course never block a discussion with it, but it never hurts to pull God into it once in a while.