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Religion and science

Religion doesn't 'oppose' science at all. Religion only acknowledges a reality that isn't discussed by science. Religion sees an extra dimension in existence. It sees another force at work throughout the physical reality. And religion perceives that force above all when the chain of cause and effect is broken.

Prophets and sages have understood that one can explain everything, except that which steps out of the predetermined. Love brakes the circle of violence and the patterns of egoism even though, sociologically, those are expected. Forgiveness breaches the reactions of reproach and anger even though, psychologically, those are expected. Spirituality cuts through the obsession with matter and the desire for possession even though, biologically, those are expected.

Spiritual exoticism

Within certain spiritual circles they seem to think the East offers more spirituality than the West. There is however little truth in this assumption. In any society it's just as easy or difficult to find spirituality.

It's not because one can see statues of Gods on every corner or because cows can walk around freely that the East would have more intense spirituality than the West.

Interreligious silence

Many people have by now understood that a 'religious monologue' will not advance our humanity in any way. Yet the question remains whether the well intended efforts of 'interreligious' and 'intercultural' dialogue offer a solution. Too often they stay at a theoretical level and don't lead to real rapprochement. They seem to uphold a cold distance.

Nonetheless it's exactly religion which offers the possibility of essential rapprochement. For every religious tradition knows spiritual practices which can help to transcend the distant speech and reach a deeper togetherness. Meditation, praying, fasting, waking, celebrating rituals and contemplating texts all offer a chance to connect ourselves more strongly – not by talking but by 'experiencing' spirituality together.

The end of human kind?

Are we approaching a bigger spiritual and social harmony, are we headed for moral and structural decay of our society or has human kind always known an equal amount of both evolution and destruction? Or could it be a bit of everything?

The idea that we're nearing a new era of spiritual harmony has of course a strong presence within those spiritualities that are grouped under the label 'New Age'. It is in fact the origin of that term, since the name 'New Age' refers to the conviction that we're at the dawn of a new era (the so called 'Aquarius era') in which humanity will start living on a higher level of spiritual consciousness.