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Religious radicalisation is the consequence, not the cause of violence

No matter how much adherents of Daesh (IS) make use of Islamic rhetoric, their violent reign and attacks can’t be disconnected from many other motives that are deeply linked to broader geopolitical realities. And some of the strongest motives aren't religious scriptures, but the remembrance of previous violence perpetrated by secular entities.

Two talismans

talisman image

Two mental talismans protect my life. These are two questions that keep me from making the wrong choices. They are two questions that offer a way out of existential dilemma's and spiritual impasses. For to know which questions you should ask can be worth a lot when you feel caught in the vagueness of life.

The first Talisman seems simple. When my searching soul finds itself in a dilemma, when I can't see the choices I should make, then the impasse is circumvented by asking myself the question: “What focuses most on God?”

Original sin

Original Sin image

The concept of 'original sin' in many ways isn't a much discussed topic anymore - at least in the part of the Christian world where I come from. It has become a somewhat faded aspect of Christian theology and spirituality, I guess for a big part because of some obvious aberrations like the idea that babies would be damned to hell if they weren't baptised in time. Nonetheless, when properly understood, the spiritual idea behind the concept of original sin can be of much worth to people's understanding of Christianity.

Love and Care

heart drawing

There are many comparisons to be drawn from the way God loves us and the way we should love one another. One of the aspects I often think about, for example, Is how God does not sustain our lives because He needs us. God is beyond need and always suffices in Himself. So the reason why He upholds a loving bond with every living soul is simply because He loves them. He didn’t need creation Himself but He did create it out of a sincere desire to express beauty. And this idea always brings me to the consideration that we ourselves also shouldn’t be in a relationship with others because we need them. We should be in a relationship simply because we love them and because we want to express our love in beauty.